Our Story




I am Aidah and my daughter Nina is the inspiration behind the name Nina Nest. I was born and raised in Kenya and later moved to the US. I started Nina Nest as a way to reconnect my young daughter with a part of her culture and heritage that I had grown up with - I wanted her to appreciate the beauty of Africa.
We work with a group of women artisans who use their traditional weaving skills and techniques using natural fibers to create these beautiful gifts for your home. By doing business with this all women co-op, we help to support and grow the economy in these villages. As a young girl who grew up in rural Kenya, I understand too well from experience how poverty in under served communities impacts families.
All our products are handmade, and they celebrate creations of amazing places and people. It is my hope that every gift that comes to you brings you inspiration and makes you feel the magic of faraway cultures.

With Love,

A & N