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These wooden salad servers are perfect for tossing veggies, greens and are hand-carved from Olivewood and decorated with a batik bone accent. The server handles are made from highly polished and sanitized cow bone that has been batik-dyed with African designs and will bring a bit of cultural interest to mealtime. 


- Sold as a set. Each server measures 13" in Length

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Product Story: 

Olive wood is a rich, warm wood that is prized for its durability and beautiful grain patterns. Kenyan carvers use the natural tones of wild olive wood and creamy white-bleached cow bone to create beautiful hostess gift or housewarming presents, and with just a little special handling, retain their natural beauty for years. Through each handcrafted piece, these talented artisans are able to gain a sustainable income while hand-crafting decorative and functional art.

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