Solid White Storage Bin basket

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Bring amazing artisan craftsmanship into your living spaces. This beautifully simple African laundry hamper represents the modern African home decor done right. Handwoven in Senegal, this basket brings incredible storage or décor into your home.

Organizing with these baskets is an easy way to tidy up and decorate your home. The natural material creates a warm and rustic atmosphere in any room. They are made from different types of fast-growing plant fibers, which makes them a sustainable choice.
Use it for everything from a planter to organizing or even store clean laundry, balls of yarn, and toys. Add natural texture and color to your home with this beautiful handmade basket.

They are a one-of-a-kind item – merging traditional handicraft techniques and new contemporary designs.

You can use this basket as a mini hamper, laundry or bathroom organizer and our favorite is using it as a gorgeous basket planter.


- Measures 13" Inches Tall x 12" Inches wide

- Color - Gray/White

- See more patterns, colors and wall basket designs that you can choose from

- Includes FREE shipping in the US

- These baskets are perfect for your home decor or even as an impressive gift to someone special.