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Basket weavers in rural Senegal transform abundant cattail stalks and salvaged plastic strands to create useful tabletop baskets with a unique triangle quadrant design. This basket brings incredible artisan craftsmanship and great storage or décor into your living spaces. 

The baskets are sold individually and the prices are per basket. The drop down menu gives you a selection of size, measurements and price.

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Product Story: 
Senegal is a country in western Africa and Located at the westernmost point of the continent. Senegal is known as the “Gateway to Africa. Almost two-fifths of Senegal’s people are Wolof and Wolof if the official Language. Artisan's use thick local grasses and strips of recycled plastic using traditional weaving techniques, to craft baskets that generate income to sustain their families. These useful baskets are woven in the coil style by binding dried cattail stalks with Silver and white plastic strips salvaged from a Dakar mat factory. The combination of natural and synthetic materials beautifully displays modern African artistry.