ARDHI - Assorted Geometric Plant baskets

Add a charming, rustic touch to your interiors, with these patterned geometric wrapped baskets.

9" tall and 9" wide - the perfect size to fit your beautiful indoor plants. 

Bring amazing artisan craftsmanship into your living space with these beautiful handmade baskets. These baskets are perfect for home decor, Storage or even as an impressive gift to someone special.Organizing with these baskets is an easy way to tidy up and decorate your home. Use them as decorative elements in your indoor plant display.

You can place them on shelves, side tables, or plant stands to add texture and color to your indoor spaces. The natural material creates a warm and rustic atmosphere in any room. These versatile baskets are handwoven by talented female artisans in rural Kenya using strands of natural and hand-dyed sisal, making them a sustainable choice.